Tuesday, 4 May 2010


-The capybara’s eyes, nostrils and ears are located near the top of the head.

-They are excellent divers and swimmers.

-If threatened by land predators, they retreat to the safety of water, and escape by either swimming away, hiding in floating vegetation, or staying submerged for several minutes.

-Like all other rodents, capybaras have two front teeth continuously grow throughout their life. They gnaw on tree trunks and chew grasses to wear down their teeth.

-These herbivores are very efficient grazers using their teeth to crop short grasses and other vegetation.

-The capybara diet is high in cellulose, which is hard to digest. In order to process the cellulose they have a large fermentation chamber called the cecum, but they are unable to absorb nutrients from the cecum. To absorb those nutrients, capybaras recycle their food by ingesting their feces.

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